"Doe" Feature Film by Justin Foia 2017 (Head of Hair and Make Up Department)

"Waterlilly Jaguar" Feature Film by Melora Walters 2017 (Head of Hair Department)

"Hanging Dead" A Chinese Feature Film 2016 (Head of Hair and Make-Up Department)

"Point Defiance" Feature Film, Director Justin Foia 2016 (Head of Hair and Make Up Department)

"Future World" Feature Film, Director Bruce Cheung (Key Hair Department)

"The Institute" Feature Film, Director Pamela Romanowsky (Key Hair Department)

"Tiny Feminists" Mini Series, Director Yulin Kaung 2016 (Key Hair and Make-Up Department)

"I Ship It" Web Series Director Yulin Kuang- 2015- 2017 (Hair Stylist)

“Do Not Disturb” Feature Film, Director B.C. Furtney  – 2013 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

"Doubting Thomas" Feature Film, Director Anthony O'Brien 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up Department

“Close Range” Feature Film, Director Isaac Florentine-2015 (Hair and Make Up Assistant)

“Smartass” Feature Film- 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Assistant)

Muse" Short Film, Director Melora Walters 2015 (Hair/ Make-Up Assistant)

"Symptom of Life" Short Film by Ajiri Akpolo 2016 ( Head Dept. of Hair and Make Up)

"Two Wongs" Short Film by Jolene Kim 2016 ( Head Dept. of Hair and Make-Up)

"Insta Wolf" Social Media Short by Alex J. Mann 2016 (Head Dept. of Make-Up)

"Recalculating", Short Film, Director Diane Fredel-Weis 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Assistant)

"The Real Housewives of Westeros" You Tube, Director Cesar Gamino 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up Department)

"We've Met Before" Short Film, Director Yulin Kuang-2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

"Circumference" Short Film, Director Shaz Khan-2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

“First Impressions” Short Film, Director Travis Burroughs-2015 (Key Hair and Make Up)

“The Last Samaritan” Short Film, Director Christian Lockerman – 2014 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

“Light Headed” Short Film, Director Steve Pary’s (Key Hair and Make-Up)

“The Immaculate Reception” Short Film, Director Charlotte Glynn – 2014 Sundance Film Festival Selection (Key Hair and Make-Up)

“Togetherness” Short Film, Director Paul Elliston – 2014 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

“As it is in Heaven” Short Film, Director Luke Bruehlman – 2012 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Television & Commercials

Daytime Divas, Vanessa Williams, 2017 (Make-Up Assistant, SIxx LA Agency)

BBMA Promos 2017 (Hairstylist and Make Up Artist)

John Hancock Commercial 2016 (Hair P.A.)

Marlboro UK Commercial 2016 (Make-Up Assistant)

BET Awards, Beyonce's Performance 2016 (Hair Stylist)

Ford- "Growing Up Ford" Directors Cut 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Children's Hospital Going to the Oscar's  2015 (Key Make-Up)

Magic Funhouse,  Wolverine Selfie 2016 (Hair and Make Up)

The Royals Promos, E!  Entertainment 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Department)

AARP Commercial 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Department)

Todrick & JEM Promos, MTV 2015 (Make-Up Assistant)

Honda Sales Videos 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Department)

Doritos Spec Commercial 2015 (Key Hair Department)

Geico Commercial, Dummy Productions 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Department)

Bulb Head Light Infomercial 2015 (Make-Up, Art Department)

Today Show Jeb Bush Debate Interview 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up Department)

Snoop Dog BET Promos 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up Department)

Nos Energy Drink Experience 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up Department)

"Flight Safety" Funny or Die 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up Department)

Vonage Stills 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Assistant)

PSA No Smoking Campaign 2015 (Hair Department)

Pura D'or Commercial by Joel Ackerman 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

The Slanted Lens by JP Morgan 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

Alex Buono Interview/ Hurlbut Visuals 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

Light Iron, Fearless Film Makers 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Warner Bros. Fearless Film Markers Interview by Hurlbut Visuals 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

“Mirror Magic” Commercial 2015 (Hair and Make Up Assistant)

Natrona Bottling – 2014 Commercial (Key Hair and Make-Up)

ProActiv – 2014 Commercial (Hair and Make-Up Assistant)

Coors Light – 2014 Commercial (Hair and Make-Up Assistant)

Dick’s Sporting Goods – 2014 Commercial (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Bhindi Jeweler’s – 2014 Commercial, Director Aalok Mehta (Hair and Make-Up)

Dirty Cues YouTube – 2014 Director Cesar Gamiño (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Shane Hurlbut A.S.C./ Hurlbut Visuals Camera Test 2014 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Shane Hurlbut A.S.C. Father’s and Daughters’ Inserts 2014 (Make-Up and Continuity)

Layne Putnam’s Music Video 2014 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

UPMC Organ Donor – 2014 Commercial (Key Hair and Make-Up)

A&E/Those Who Kill – 2013 Television Series (Assistant Hair Stylist)

TLC’s “Four Weddings” – 2013 Television Series (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Tommy Chong’s “Chong Swipes” by Reviver- YouTube 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Ford Spec Commercial 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Chevrolet Spec Commercial 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Hurlbucational C-Stand Video 2015 (Key Hair andMake-Up)

Hurlbut Visuals Media Teasers 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Hurlbut Visuals RED Dragon Camera Test 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Hurlbut Visuals Education Video 2015 (Key Hair andMake-Up)

Music Videos

Nikki MInaj- Motor Sport 2017 (Hair Colorist Asst.)

Blizzard Studios Head Shots 2017 (Key Hair and Make Up Artist)

Big Boi- Mic Jack Ft. Adam Levine (Key Hair Stylist)

Fergie Music Video 2016 (Hair Stylist and Colorist)

Beyonce "Lemonade" Visual Album 2016 (Hair Stylist)

JLo "Ain't Your Mama" Music Video 2016 (Hair Stylist)

M-O-T-H-E-R Music Video 2015 by Joseph Leo Bwarie (Hair Department)

"I didn't write this." Music Video by Yulin Kuang 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Chrysocolla Trio Kait Music Video 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Beth Waugh's Music Video by Bethany Waugh 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Assistant)

“Your Love”by Mick Jenkins, Music Video 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

“She Keeps Me Up” by Nickleback, Music Video 2015 (Hair and Make-Up Assistant)

“Somebody” by Layne Putnam’s, Music Video 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Inventandome Music Video, Director Pascui Rivas 2015 (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Live Events

Harry Winston Summer Event 2017 (Hair Stylist)

59th Annual Grammy Award Show, Beyonce's Performance 2017 (Hairstylist)

Lucy Lui CBS This Morning and Satellite Media Tour 2016 (Hair Stylist)

Lucy Lui on the Talk,  The Late Late Show with James Corden,  E! Online Interview, Extra Interview,  and the 43rd Annual Student Academy Awards In Los Angeles 2016 (Hair Stylist)

Emmy's Creative Arts 2016 (Hair Stylist)

BET Awards Beyonce Live Performance, Freedom,  2016 (Hair Assistant)

The Grammy's 2015 (Hair with Matilde)

Weddings and Live Events Since 2007

Critics Choice Awards, Cleopatra Coleman (Asst. to Gillian Whitlock)

Kitty Bungalow Benefit 2015 (Hair and Make Up)

“Fault In Our Stars” Premiere  NYC 2014 (Hair and Make-Up Artist for Actress Sophie Guest)

Miss Teen Pennsylvania 2013 (Hair and Make-Up Artist)

Print and Online Magazines

Catherine Asanov Photography 2016 (Hair Stylist)

Mike Neveux Photography 2016 (Hair and Make-Up)

Veronique Vial Photography 2016 (Hair Stylist)

Ian Logan Photography 2016 (Hair Stylist)

McKlaren Photography 2016 (Hair Stylist)

Nikko Lamere Photography 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

JP Morgan Photography 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

Dan Peterson Photography 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

James Tsuffis Photography 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

Rob Berezowski Photography 2015 (Hair and Make-Up)

Whirl Magazine 2011-2014 (Hair Stylist)

Modcloth Clothing (Hair Stylist)

Maniac Magazine 2010-2013 (Hair and Make-Up Artist)

 Mark Brosius 2006-2008 (Hair and Make-Up Artist)

Christopher Gooden 2006-2008 (Wedding Hair and Make-Up)

Matthew Shuck Photography (Key Hair and Make-Up/Coordinator)

Cayla Zahoran Photography (Key Hair and Make-Up)

April Hubal Photography (Hair Stylist)

Doug Michaels Photography (Hair and Make-Up)

Cindy Hines Photography ( Hair and Make-Up)

Mary Beth Kratsas Photography (Hair and Make-Up)

Kathy Wolfe Photography (Hair and Make-Up)

Christine Hlad Photography (Hair and Make-Up)

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